An online community platform for Sanford, NC

Connecting the San-Lee community with businesses and non-profit organizations of Sanford and Broadway NC.

Uniting the areas of Broadway and Sanford, NC into a cloud-based hub, in the pursuit of connecting individuals and organizations. San-Lee United gives the community and surrounding areas the ability to discover and keep connected with organizations. Such organizations include local mom-n-pop businesses, non-profits, and larger businesses within the San-Lee community.
San-Lee United's website provides businesses and non-profit organizations with an online platform with the ability to create accounts that will be dynamic rather than static indexing of your account. What this means is you the account owner will be able to keep your account up to date before the public rather than just having very little information (similar to a phone book listing (name, number, website)).
You can create a profile that which you the business or non-profit can edit at any point by having a short or lengthy description, profile image, contact number, website, Facebook page, and location(s) which are mapped via Google Maps for ease of access as well as post updates and or events which will populate on San-Lee United's events calendar.
This allows the non-profits and or businesses of Broadway and Sanford NC (AKA Lee County North Carolina) to keep the community up to date and help individuals and other organizations discover what the San-Lee Community has to offer, by consolidating into an online community hub. We also offer website design, search engine optimization, and business software to local surrounding businesses. Get a custom website built, rank competitive in Google searches, and or exceed in today's world of technology by choosing us to design and develop custom software that meets your business's needs.
Come grow with us!