Learn about our mission and vision for San-Lee United


San-Lee United's sole purpose is to unite and consolidate the Sanford(Spring-Lane, Tramway, Jonesboro, Downtown), Broadway, and Lemon Springs areas into a cloud-based hub for bringing businesses and other entities to the communities line of sight and staying connected with interests within this region.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to couple the Lee County region into an online platform, whether you are a business, individual, or non-profit organization for viewing in a uniform manner instead of being spread out across the web.

Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and or personal websites, this cloud-based hub will allow people and entities from all around to come to surf through and see what Sanford, Broadway, and Lemon Springs North Carolina have to offer. Once interconnected on the web we can pull the puzzle pieces together so the bigger picture will come into sight of what the San-Lee community holds.

Business accounts:

Businesses can create accounts and set details such as description, phone number, Facebook page, website URL, profile image, and locations. We also allow for update posting for the business accounts, users can subscribe to your business on San-Lee United and receive email notifications and if they have liked your business they can see your business and updates on their personal timeline without going to the main pages.
Business accounts are free to create, your business will automatically be listed on our Businesses page free of charge. Users can find your business on the Businesses page, share your account, like and or subscribe to it as well on the platform for easier viewing access and email notifications for any updates and events created. You will have access to the job openings, updates, and event posting features, as well as adding orderable products and services.

Non-logged in users: Will be able to surf through the business updates page as well as click on businesses to see more from that specific account. This will allow for getting details quickly, keeping up to date with updates as well as discovering businesses.

Logged-in user accounts: Will have all the abilities of a non-logged-in user and then some, by allowing user accounts the ability to like businesses, this will consolidate user->business interests into the user's personal timeline. We also allow users to subscribe if desired, to receive email notifications from businesses when updates or events are posted. User accounts are free to create and use! Users can also add/update their profile image, post bulletins to the community bulletin board, add their resume to the account, as well as apply for job opportunities posted by businesses serving Sanford, NC, and surrounding areas!

Employee accounts: Will retain user logged-in access as mentioned above, however upon login, the employee will land on the employee dashboard. This dashboard will be used for viewing assigned service request work orders. As well as be able to add to service request notes and attachments. Each service request will have an address attached and Google Maps implemented for quick referencing for directions.

Not-for/Non-Profit organizations
The organization account type will allow you as a not-for or non-profit organization within the Lee County area to join the platform and get a more public notice via searching and filtering as well as users will be able to subscribe to you for email notifications on updates and events about your org. Your non-profit will also have the ability to create events and or updates within the community platform to be seen by the public on our two main Events and Updates pages.