Events happening in Broadway and Sanford, NC communities.

Below you will find upcoming events within the Lee County, NC areas such as Sanford, Broadway, and Lemon Springs spread across the San-Lee United Calendar. Our Events page and Calendar offer the user the ability to keep up to date on local community events from businesses to nonprofit organizations.

Discover things to do, charity events, car shows, church events, and many other types of local events. Sanford and Broadway have much to offer the San-Lee Community and outsiders looking in and or visiting. If you are visiting Sanford, NC this events page is perfect for surfing and finding nearby events upcoming and active.

Each business and non-profit organization has its own calendar on its account's page, the calendar will only list the stand-alone update events listed by that specific account.

Below are all of San-Lee United's businesses and nonprofits combined into one calendar.