Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to today's world, everyone turns to Google to find answers to questions, local services, products, and more. For you and your business to not only keep up with local competitors, but to stay in front of this traffic, it is imperative to have good rankings on Google search and a well-designed website.

Sanford website design

Many businesses do not realize how crucial these two things are in today's market. The fact that you are reading this puts you ahead of many other businesses. While there are various ways to market your business, from paid ads to local billboards, organic search results are unparalleled in establishing trust in the community. Ads can only take you so far and can be costly, not to mention they don't build local trust like a high rank in Google searches.

Website Design

Our team has 10 years of experience in designing websites with a focus on unique appeal, user-friendliness, and quality content. We prioritize simplicity and engaging the user, avoiding flashy, gimmicky layout designs.

We emphasize pushing your product and service offerings to the forefront and maintaining clarity in the message your business has for potential customers and clients.

Sanford website design Sanford website design

Website Design Options

  • Package based + Shared hosting
  • Custom Design + Independent hosting

Package based + Shared hosting

This design option allows for a lower monthly cost and initial content tailored to your business. With this option, you get up to 5 pages:

  • Welcome
  • Services (or Products)
  • About
  • Updates
  • Contact Us

You can also add future pages, such as a photo gallery or tiered pages, like your Services being a dropdown with each service having its page. We charge $200 per page. The SEO Package + package hosting costs $235 a month. This includes monitoring your website's ranking in Google searches for target keywords and audiences, adding content over time to improve rankings, and occasionally adding content as requested.

Sanford website design Sanford website design

Sanford website design Sanford website design

Without either of those two options, the initial cost is $500 upfront, and $35 for Shared hosting per month.

Custom Design + Independent hosting

Choosing this option gives you more space for a custom-designed layout. It allows for larger-sized website ideas, custom menus, layouts, and more. You have the freedom to be picky with this option.

This will allow for custom contact forms, custom-built blogs, local incorporated businesses, town/city websites, E-Commerce sites with dynamic product pages leveraging Stripe implementation for sales management, service pages with funnels for managing leads/service requests, email marketing to former customers/clients, and leads. The sky's the limit.

If scaled to include some software-based options, this type of custom website will turn into a hybrid Custom Website/Business Software. Feel free to check out our custom business software solutions page.

With more customizability comes more time and effort from our side, and we make sure to bake quality into everything we do. The pricing for Custom Design + Independent hosting varies, depending on your needs and goals. Custom Design can be broken down into payments or one time, ranging from $3500-$6500 for simpler customizations, to more complex customizations that include business software ranging between $6500-$35,000+.

With this option, we also include the SEO package from above. However, we may have to adjust the SEO package's monthly pricing depending on your business's goals and aspirations (starting at $235 + hosting costs).

Standalone hosting for this package starts at $120 a month and goes up. The baseline cost is approximately $3500-$4200 for the website and $355 (SEO + Hosting) or $120 per month without SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have briefly gone over the benefits of SEO above, but let's dive deeper. The majority use Google for searching anything from products, services, directions, and more. Google has more traffic than any local road you can think of. Being at the top of Google for your audience is key for your business. Your audience includes the location(s) you serve, the type of products, and service offerings.

Here's an example search on Google: "aluminum fencing sanford nc" You should see one of our clients at the forefront (Southern Fencing).

Want to try another? "Local made products southern pines nc" (Gather NC Merch).

"Drone services cary nc" (Pinnacle Eye Productions).

"Cedar fencing cary nc" (Southern Fencing).

"Interior trim sanford nc" (Reynolds Construction).

Local Sanford SEO
Sanford SEO

Sanford SEO
Sanford SEO

Southern Pines SEO
Cameron SEO

This list goes on.

You found this specific page because of the power of leveraging SEO. So why not leverage this tool for your business's benefit? Our clients are benefiting from this investment, and it is a tax write-off expense for your business as marketing expenses.

Our search results speak for us, and we would love to help propel your business in the same direction as our current clients. You may already have a website; that is perfectly okay. We don't have to build your website to offer you the same service. We can set your existing website on the right path for success with our SEO skills starting this month. We charge a baseline of $235 a month for this service. We guarantee 3 search terms on page one of Google and target up to 3 locations, guaranteeing 2 of those locations with at least one type per search. At the end of the day, you should have a minimum of 3 searches on page one, if not ranking first, as our clients are prime examples.

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