Sanford, North Carolina

Sanford is a city of roughly 28,000+ individuals, well centered within the Piedmont region, known for its industrial pursuit specifically in brick, it is one of the largest producers of brick as well as pottery in the United States. Some refer to Sanford, NC as “brick city”. Sanford, NC is within three zip codes 27237, 27330 and 27332, has multiple different areas such as Downtown, Tramway, Spring-Lane/Riverbirch, Jonesboro, South Horner BLVD and more.

Consisting of multiple shopping outlets, grocery stores, mom and pop shops, pawn shops, restaurants, barbers, salons, banks, parks, gyms, hotels, gas stations, schools including a community college,hospital, health care facilities, home improvement and other retail stores. Go check out businesses that have joined San-Lee United's platform here.

Sanford has multiple non-profit and not-for-profit organizations such as Thrift stores, Churches, fundraising, support for individuals with disabilities and the development thereof and many others worth checking out.

To reflect back to the location of Sanford, NC and its placement, Sanford is located 43 miles south west of Raleigh NC and 44 minutes NNW of Fayetteville NC. Sanford is only 123 miles from the nearest beach on the east coast and 178 miles from Boone NC.

Well center for those looking to get outside of the Fort Bragg bubble, yet be under an hour away for commuting. If you are a family that is getting stationed near Fort Bragg this is a near perfect place to relocate and have a reasonable commute to base as well. Same for those who are looking to stay outside of the major metropolitan areas such as Raleigh, Durham and Cary yet be comfortable commuting to such cities. Sanford, NC offers a slightly slower pace environment than Raleigh, Durham and Cary and has incredible potential for growth. It is currently growing quickly due to its incredible community and location.