Looking to manage your service requests that come into your business?

We offer service request management (SRM) and customer relation managment (CRM) software for businesses similar to yours. In today’s age it is important to stay a head of the curve when it comes to managing your business whether it be with your services, products, or customer relations.

SRM or CRM software can either be cloud based or on premises, it can also have a front end facing your customers / clients. If you choose our cloud based service request management option(s) that is also customer facing, we can work your search engine optimization if this is something you desire. To learn more about Search engine optimization (SEO) click here.

Most businesses, especially most smaller businesses do not use software, and are being hindered by trying to track down information about specific work orders/requests. At the end of the day you want to be able to manage your business as smoothly as possible, without hindrance.

If you are a mid-size business (100-1000 employees), you for sure need this type of management software, if you don’t already have this adopted within your organization. Attempting to manage service orders or customer relations without leveraging modern day technology would be a nightmare. If you are looking to begin incorporating service request management into your organization whether you are small or mid size, we are here to help, not only with getting you our software solutions, but helping your team adopt and adapt to the new tool.

In the event you have some sort of SRM adopted already, and are looking for something that is a better fit for your company, from affordability, scaling issues due to complexity, or you are not impressed with what you currently have, let us help you.

Let us help your business with custom business software, leverage modern day cloud based solutions within your business serving Southern Pines, NC, get ahead of your competition, manage services, and relations easier.

We offer packaged based SRM solutions cloud based, containerized, and or on premises.

  • Cloud based
    1. We set it up for you, host it, and manage any issues that come up related to the software.
    2. We help your business and team(s) adopt it in training if needed.
  • Containerized / Repository licensing

    We hand it over to you after you sign a non-compete agreement and pay up front, after hand off you have 2 months of support with any setup issues that you get caught on.

  • On Premises

    We help with setup on premises, we will work with your tech team to provision the correct setup. We support configuration changes and slight customization changes for a monthly fee. When it comes to bugs we cover these for a year, however if we determine it isn’t a bug and a user error / misunderstanding of the system, we may bill by the hour.

We also give the option of having or not having payment processing ability, we leverage Stripe for payment processing, Stripe does have a slight processing fee per transaction, however nearly if not all payment processing tools today have some sort of standard fee.